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King County TX has seen an unprecedented amount of young people being hospitalized for anxiety and depression related issues. Below we discuss way to combat some common anxiety issues.

How To Calm Down After A Nocturnal Panic Attack

A nocturnal panic attack is a sleeping disorder that happens to people while they are asleep. Many people confuse regular panic attacks with dreams. Those who encounter panic attacks that deprive them of their good night sleep are usually oblivious of it. However, the symptoms will always tell. Of concern to us at this level is to discuss how you can calm down after a nocturnal attack.

Suppose a nocturnal panic attack happens to you, what do you do to get back to sleep? Well, in most cases, they usually happen at night although it still can hit you during the day. It is of primary importance that you get back to your sleep after the attack to relieve and restore your body’s energy after a hard day’s work.

Steps to take after you have woken up from a nocturnal panic attack.

How to calm down after the nocturnal attack

-You should stay in the bed instead of getting out. In fact, you start to think about what could be the real cause of the attacks.

-You can try doing some breathing exercises. Start by taking deep breaths with regular pauses. In addition, try to evaluate how your body is responding to it.

-Try to imagine better things to replace your fears

-In some cases, writing down your experience can be a way of dispelling out fear

-Relax your tenses bodily muscles-normally; this should begin from your face to all the other areas of your body. You can even try the hold and release mechanism, which involves contracting your muscles for like 10 seconds then releasing until the whole body is relaxed again.


How to get back to sleep

-Trick your body by exercising; exhaustion triggers the body to respond to rest thus causing you to get back to sleep quicker.

-Get busy with a “boring” routine; it will simply bore you till you “forget” the incidence and doze off.

-Talk to someone; this could be anybody who is understanding and supportive. Talking out your fears is always a good idea.

How long it will take

In many cases, nocturnal panic attacks will last for up to 10 minutes. However, in distinctive cases it could be more. Regardless of the time taken, you should be able to calm down once it’s over. More detailed information can be found here,

Why nocturnal attacks happen

Nocturnal panic attacks happen due to various underlying factors. These might include stress, fear (i.e. of dying), and anxiety. Others factors are sleep disorders and genetics.

You should also be keen on your t diet as it influences how harmoniously you sleep. If your nocturnal panic attacks are persistent, make sure you see a doctor.